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10 Aug Why Losing A Pet Is Just As Sad As A Human Loss
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When someone you care about dies, it's natural to feel sadness, express grief, and look to friends and family for understanding and support. Unfortunately, when a pet dies, you don't always get that understanding. Some people still don't grasp how im..
18 Jul What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?
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What Does the Bible Say About Cremation?For many years, a loved one's traditional funeral ceremony and burial included numerous vital components, including:●    Embalming of the body ●    A casket and a vault●    Facilities for visitation or viewing ..
08 Jul Tree Of Life Cremation Urns
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The Tree Of Life Cremation UrnsCremation has grown in favor recently because of its flexibility and low cost. A cremation is a form of body disposition that is an alternative to traditional casket burial. The remains are reduced to simple chemica..
12 Jun Archangel - Top 10 Urns
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 Angels visit all people when they die, believers say. The leader of all angels-- Archangel Michael--appears just before the moment of death to those who haven't yet connected to God, giving them a last chance at salvation before their time to decide..
02 Jun Guardian Angel and what they do
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Guardian Angel and what they do: 10 things you should knowAccording to Christian tradition, every one of us has a guardian angel, who accompanies us from the moment we’re born until the moment  of our death, and stays at our side at every moment of o..
05 Apr Cremation Jewellery for Ashes
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It is certainly difficult to lose a loved one. Everyone will face loss and the pain that comes with it. It is a feature of the human experience that contributes to life's bittersweet beauty.Memorializing their loved one's life, spirit, and legacy is ..
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